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Start your own Sundowner Club

by Petra Vandecasteele, Editor

Nowadays, all we hear is ‘No time, lots of stress’ when it comes to spending quality time as a family. Bonding as a family seems to become a rarity, let alone bonding with nature.

All too often, children spend their increasingly limited free time plugged into a play station, computer, cell phone or other electronic device. And what’s worse, this addiction to cyber space has replaced children’s much needed time outdoors. By allowing this to happen, many parents unknowingly deprive their children of one of their basic human rights: the gift of nature. Laugh if you wish, but being disconnected from nature results in physical and emotional imbalance, violence and mismanagement of natural resources. Continue reading “Start your own Sundowner Club”

The Importance of Nature Interpretation

by John Roff – Environmental Educator at Hilton College, Howick, and author of Bridging the gap, a handbook for environmental educators and interpreters.

There seems to be an increasing gap between people and nature. Interpretation can be seen as a process of repairing this divide by building bridges, across unfamiliar territory, to places of deeper care and understanding. Continue reading “The Importance of Nature Interpretation”

Family Travel in the Wilderness

by Petra Vandecasteele, Editor

An exhilarating adventure or parental irresponsibility? 

Who in their right minds would take their children – let alone toddlers – on an adventure into the African wilderness?

I would. In fact, I’ve been doing it since they were little. Why wouldn’t I? Spending time in nature is essential to the wellbeing of children (and adults alike), and there is no better way than travelling in nature to literally expand a child’s horizons, so that it not only becomes familiar with the surrounding world, but also boosts its confidence. Yet, all too many parents cringe at the thought of taking their loved-ones into the wilderness. Why is this? Continue reading “Family Travel in the Wilderness”