About Us

Welcome to Kids of Nature!

Family travel and mindful living are lifestyle choices for which we go the extra mile.

We’d much rather see you spend quality time with your loved-ones instead of compromising this precious time by surfing virtual reality and being plugged-in. Consider us your built-in personal assistant for all things travel and mindfulness so that you can surf the real thing and live mindfully!


Petra Vandecasteele

Managing Director & Editor

Breast cancer has defined my priorities in life: spending quality time with my family and friends, connecting with the world around me, and of course, travel. I love inspiring others by sharing my experiences and designing adventures in the wilderness.

With Kids of Nature, the main focus of my job is family travel and sharing solutions for mindful living for families. My children – who are being homeschooled – have been joining me on most of my travels. We are always keen to try out exciting new adventures and as such travel regularly to explore extraordinary places and projects and meet fascinating people.

‘The proof is in the eating of the pudding’, so if Enya and James put their stamp of approval on a destination, we can rest-assured that it works for young people.

I’m passionate about helping other families spend more quality time together in nature.

Amber Van Gool

Innovation Expert

After a one-month trip organised by Kids of Nature through South Africa and Namibia with my parents and sisters, I discovered my deep interest for the natural world, mindfulness and family travel. I realized how important well-coordinated family travel is for bonding with each other, but also with oneself. I believe that nature is the most beautiful catalyst ever for making this happen. 

I love to inspire and to be inspired by people from all over the world. I am passionate about travel, reading, healthy lifestyle and creativity in every single way.

I also believe that being driven by your work and being inspired by your passion feeds you. Organizing travels and playing with creativity is what I love. Also, a positive and free work environment is key to me, which led me to Kids of Nature. Now I can develop my skills, exchange expertise and contribute to the wellbeing of others. 

Since I experienced both sides of the story in person, the traveler’s side and the organizer’s side, working for Kids of Nature is a unique job to me.